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How to Install a Powersport Battery

Keeping a fresh battery in your motorcycle, ATV, or other powersport vehicle will go a long way towards improving performance and maintaining the vehicle’s overall lifespan. Since the battery in your ATV is not as frequently used compared to your regular vehicle, you may find that it is prone to losing its charge more often. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need a replacement battery, but if after testing you find the battery is still not holding an adequate charge, it is likely time for a new one. The following steps will help guide you through the process of replacing and installing a new powersport battery.

Locate the Battery

For the most part, powersport vehicle batteries can be located under the seat. This is often the case for motorcycles, dirt bikes and ATVs in particular. Once you have located your battery by consulting the owner’s manual, you can remove the seat and assess exactly how you can go about removing the battery.

Removing the Battery

Some battery terminals are connected to the positive and negative cables with some type of bolt. These bolts are easy to remove using a socket wrench. Be sure to use the exact right size socket to avoid stripping and damaging the terminal bolt. Start the removal process by disconnecting the negative cable first. This will ensure you aren’t exposed to any harmful shock during the removal process. Once the negative cable is removed, move on to the positive cable. You may then move on to the retaining bar that physically holds the battery in place. This bar is also usually secured with some type of bolts which are best removed using some type of socket wrench.

Clean the Battery Compartment

Even if you intend to dispose of the old battery, it is important to make sure there is no battery acid on the terminals. This corrosive acid can be harmful to the environment, and it can be dangerous if it comes into contact with a person’s skin. Simply use a solution of water, vinegar and some baking soda to scrub the terminals and the outside of the old battery. While you’re at it you should use the same cleaning solution to wipe out any acid from the battery compartment before you install the replacement.

Connect the New Battery

When you reconnect a new battery to your cables, be sure to start with the positive terminal. Make sure the connection is completely tight and secure, and that the cable terminal is clean before you move on to the negative connection. You can then bolt the retaining bar into place once the terminals are secure. After that simply replace your seat and give the engine a start to confirm your new battery is charged and ready to go.

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